Celebrities Born With Freaking Birthmarks And Deformities – KeSha Was Born With A Tail???

Showbiz is full of glamour. And Celebrities are the beauty icons of the fairy-tales.

But behind this exotic and enchanting world lies the ugly face of reality. Our stunning divas have some unappealing features.

But some of them have carried them with pride. And laid an example for all of us that not everything in this world is perfect.

So we should always look at the bright side of the story. and enjoy our lives as we are.

Here are some exemplary Celebrities With Freaking Birthmarks And Deformities.

Enjoy And Share!

  1. 1 Megan Fox -Stubby Thumbs

  2. 2

    Megan Fox was born with a condition called “brachydactyly” thumbs, which means that her thumbs are slightly clubbed or misshapen. Both digits are short and have a very wide nail, though they are perfectly functional. This condition is usually hereditary, though it can also be caused by an injury in childhood.

  3. 3 Kesha -Tail :“I had a tail when I was born. It was a tiny tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they chopped it off and stole my tail,”

  4. 4 Gigi Hadid - 28,850 moles on her body

  5. 5

  6. 6 Denzel Washington: Pinky finger is bent at 45 degrees because he broke it broke while playing basketball

  7. 7 Kaili Bright - Face mark

  8. 8 Ed Sheeran - Port-wine stain on his face

  9. 9 Karolina Kurkova's missing belly button

  10. 10

  11. 11 Lily Allen -Third nipple

  12. 12 Jennifer Garner -Overlapping Pinky Toe

  13. 13 Carrie Underwood - Third nipple

  14. 14 Drew Brees

  15. 15 Angelina jolie - Mole above eyebrow

  16. 16 Halle Berry's 'sixth' toe

  17. 17 Gerard Butler -Deformed Ear

  18. 18 Cassandra Naud -Large birthmark on face with hair

  19. 19

    She recalls,

    [Bullies would] taunt me saying: “You'll get beat up in high school" and "The hair on your cheek is gross." Their cruel remarks were hard to deal with and I'd often fight back tears. I felt ugly - even if only for that moment - and I was terrified of how I'd be treated once I got to high school.

    At age 13, she buckled under the pressure and decided to have the birthmark removed. When she learned about the possible consequences (such as scarring), however, she changed her mind, a decision that, as she tells the Daily Mail, she hasn’t regretted: “It was a moment of madness, but I'm so glad I made the decision to keep it.”

  20. 20 Rupert Grint -Birth marked shaped like Australia

  21. 21 Eva mendes - Subtle left cheek mole

  22. 22 Blake Lively -Mole just adjacent to the nose

  23. 23 Ashton Kutcher - webbed toes

  24. 24 Forest Whitaker - lazy eye

  25. 25 Kate Bosworth - mistached eye colors (blue and hazel)

  26. 26 Harry Styles -Extra Nipples

  27. 27 Andy Garcia -Mark on shoulder due to removal of conjoined twin

  28. 28 Mila Kunis: Mismatched eye color (brown and green)

  29. 29 Cindy Crawford - mole

  30. 30 Mikhail Gorbachev - Port wine stain on forehead

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