25+ Haunting Photos Taken Just Before Tragedy

We take photos to capture the moment. And make pleasant memories.

But some photos haunt us forever. As they result in a mishap.

So here are 25+ Haunting Photos. They had been Taken Just Before Tragedy.

Scroll down to see what happened next!

  1. 1 Pavel Kashin Performs A Stunt Shortly Before Falling Off Of A Building, 2013

  2. 2 This picture captures astronauts preparing to board the Challenger space shuttle, which broke apart 73 seconds into its flight and killed all on-board, including Christa McAuliffe who was going to be the first teacher in space.

  3. 3 Photographer Robert Landsberg Captured The Wall Of Ash That Would Kill Him When Mt. St. Helen's Erupted. He Managed To Protect The Film With His Body

  4. 4 West Milford Took This Photo While On A Hike In New Jersey, Moments Before The Bear Attacked And Killed Him

  5. 5 Mayinga N’Seka, A Nurse, Is Depicted Here During An Ebola Outbreak In 1976. Her Dedication Meant That She Eventually Contracted The Disease Herself And Passed Away Not Long After

  6. 6 The Omagh Bombing. The Red Car In This Photograph Contained A Bomb That Killed 29 People And Injured Some 220 Others. The Man And Child Both Survived, The Photographer Didn't

  7. 7 Nicholas Mevoli After His Last ‘Free Dive’. He Was Attempting To Dive 236ft Deep. He Completed The Dive, Surfaced, Gave The Ok Sign, Tried To Speak, And Then Passed Out. He Never Regained Consciousness And Died That Same Day From Pulmonary Edema

  8. 8 Feb 24 1970 14 year old stowaway Keith Sapsford falls to his death on takeoff from Sydney Airport after hiding in a wheel well

  9. 9 This Unsuspecting Family Snapped The Last Moments Of Ayano Tokumasu’s Life. The 20-Year-Old Student In Red Threw Herself Over The Railings Outside The Niagara Falls To Her Death

  10. 10 Last image of Uruguayan Flight 571, before it crashed in the Andes on October 13th, 1972. Out of the 45 onboard 28 survived the initial crash, and survivors were eventually forced to cannibalize the dead to survive. 16 survivors were rescured 72 days later on December 23rd.

  11. 11 This photo of The Fast & The Furious actor Paul Walker was taken only hours before his untimely 2013 death in a car accident.

  12. 12 Sean And Michael McQuilken Pose Before Being Struck By Lightning, 1975

  13. 13 Dave Hally Took One Last Photo Of His Wife And 4-Year-Old Daughter Before Takeoff For Their Dream Vacation Aboard Mh17, Shortly Before It Was Shot Down Over Ukraine By Russia-Led Forces, Killing Everybody On Board

  14. 14 At the time of its construction, the Titanic was one of the largest ships ever built and was considered “unsinkable.” This is the last photograph taken of the boat before it famously sank April 14, 1912.

  15. 15 A Dash Cam Captures The Moments Before Transasia’s Flight 235 Crashed In The Keelung River In Taiwan. The Plane Carried 58 People - Only 15 Survived

  16. 16 n 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 Tragically Crashed Into A Small Private Cessna 172 Plane And Fell From The Sky. This Picture Captures The Plane Just Before It Hit The Ground

  17. 17 Last Moments Of Harambe, Gorilla Killed After A Child Fell Into His Enclosure At The Cincinnati Zoo In 2016

  18. 18 This photo of ex-Beatle John Lennon signing an autograph was taken the day he was shot. The man beside him? His killer Mark David Chapman.

  19. 19 In 1942, Mayor William Dee Becker and 10 other St. Louis luminaries died tragically in a plane-towed glider accident. After the plane released the glider, its right wing fell off and the glider plummeted 1,500 feet.

  20. 20 rchduke Ferdinand And His Wife Sophie 1h Before They Would Be Shot And Killed By Serb Nationalist Gavrilo Princip – This Event Was The Trigger For The Wwi

  21. 21 This photo of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt was taken at the 2001 Daytona 500 on the day of his fatal 3 car collision.

  22. 22 Christopher McCandless’s (The Man From “Into The Wild”) Final Self Portrait – His Decomposed Body Was Found By Moose Hunters In 1992. He Lived In An Abandoned Bus For Over 100 Days. His Cause Of Death Was Officially Ruled As Starvation, But The Exact Cause Is Still Debated

  23. 23 This is the last photo taken of James Dean with his prized Porsche 550 Spyder which he was driving when he crashed and was killed September 30, 1955.

  24. 24 Diana Princess Of Wales (Head Turned Away In Backseat), Her Bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, Left, And Driver Henri Paul Shortly On The Night Of August 31, 1997 Before The Fatal Crash

  25. 25 Tina Watson and her new husband were scuba-diving in Australia for their honeymoon when he claims that Tina was pulled too far down by currents. This photo captures her lying unconscious on the ocean floor.

  26. 26 Here, Martin Luther King, Jr. is photographed on the third floor balcony outside his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was shot and killed on the same balcony the very next day.

  27. 27 This eerie picture captures the plane hitting the second tower of World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

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